Brass brush for suede Shoe Brush

Brass brush for suede

For suede

AED 65

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AED 65

A brass and nylon bristle brush with varnished beechwood handle.
Size: L16.5xW3xH3cm (bristle height: 2cm).
Specifically designed to dust and freshen up the fragile hair of the suede shoes.

  • Gently comb the suede hair always starting from the tip of the shoe to the heel.
  • Use light pressure to prevent damaging the fragile suede hair. Bend the bristles about 50%, do not press harder.
  • Always comb in the direction taken naturally by the hair.
  • To restore the silky texture of the suede, use jointly with our Crepe Brush.
  • Waterproof your suede shoes since a single drop of water can stain them. Use Saphir Medaille d’Or Super Invulner Waterproofing Spray.
  • Finally to enhance the colour of your suede shoes, spray them using the appropriate colour of Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovator or Saphir Renovetine.

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