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We deliver

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What are you repairing?

We can repair shoes, sneakers, bags, belts & leather goods.
We also provide cleaning & shining services as well as restoration.
Most of our offering is available online, however if you can’t find what you are looking for you might contact us via the chatbot below or by calling our Customer Care Center on +971 4 296 5416.

What is restoration?

When we restore items, we remove the stains and scratches while reviving the colours. It is a total make-over! Please check our Photo Gallery to see what we can do.
We provide restoration on leather, patent, suede & nubuck items, but not on fabric material which requires gentle cleaning methods.

Can you remove all the stains?

Suede, nubuck and even fabric are fragile, and we must use gentle cleaning techniques to ensure that your item doesn’t get damaged in the process. Moreover, suppliers can use various procedures to condition the leather, that might therefore react differently to cleaning.
As a result, we cannot predict if all the stains will be removed during a cleaning process, but their appearance will definitely be reduced.
If the stains are deep and old, and your item is made of leather, you should consider Restoration.

How much are you charging?

Most of our prices are available online, you just have to select the service that you are interested in.
However, if you can’t find what you are looking for you might contact us via the chatbot below or by calling our Customer Care Center on +971 4 296 5416.

Are you providing pick-up & delivery from/ to any location?

To date, our pick-up & delivery services are only available in Dubai. However we should shortly launch in Abu Dhabi, please bear with us!

How long does it take?

The lead time is different from one service to the next. Select a service online, follow the steps and the lead time will be calculated. To give you an idea, changing heels takes 2 working days although restoring a bag takes 20 working days.

How does the collection work?

We provide pick-up and delivery in Dubai, to the address of your choice.
Upon confirmation of your order online, you will be requested to select the time/ day for the pick-up.
Our courier partner will pick your items from you and deliver them to us. You will receive a SMS once we receive the items. As soon as your items are ready, we will contact you in order to book the delivery.
Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care Center to place the order, on +971 4 296 5416.
You can review the full details HERE.

Can you come to pick-up my items now?

Certainly – As long as your address is in Dubai and your order is placed before 2pm, our courier partner can reach you as early as 2-4 hours from your Order confirmation.
Pick-ups can be scheduled from 8am till 6pm, Saturday to Thursday. You can book the pick-up the same day as your order confirmation, or another day of your choice.
Slots of “scheduled 4 hours” are available, eg if your order is confirmed at 8:30am, the earliest slot that you can select for the pick-up is 9am-1pm.
As such, the earliest slot for orders confirmed after 2pm is the next working day 8m-12pm.

How many items can you collect in one go?

If you wish to send more than 10 items, we would recommend that you place your Order via our Customer Care Center on +971 4 296 5416, who will ensure to accommodate a large pick-up.

Do you charge for the pick-up & delivery?

It is FREE for orders above AED150. Below this amount, we charge AED60.