Shoe Repair

 The Only Traditional Shoe Repair Destination in the Middle East

We are proud to offer unique high end shoe repair services in the Middle East. We are the trusted shoe repair partner of many luxury shoemakers and brands, including John Lobb, Santoni, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Corthay, for their after sales service in the Middle East.

A master cobbler is available in store to assess damage, advise customers and repair most shoes, for men and women. Once the shoes have been repaired, the option to get them delivered at home in Dubai guarantees convenience and peace of mind to busy customers.

Our services include but are not limited to:

- Sole Protectors - fixing a thin rubber piece on the sole of the shoes in order to protect them and prevent them from being damaged. Exists in Black, Beige and Red, specifically designed for Louboutin shoes.

- Heels tip - replacing the heels tips when damaged. Rubber tips for stilettos, rubber or leather heels for gentlemen’s shoes.

- Heels refix - fixing a full stiletto heel.

- Full resoling - removing the old soles and heels and stitching new ones. Available for any kind of construction: Goodyear, Blake or Cemented. The Cobbler is the only place in the Middle East providing full resoling services as these require a high level of experience and expertise.

- Shoe stretching - stretching the shoe leather or fabric to provide better comfort whenever a pair is tight.

- Shoe tightening - adding a thin sole made of cork under the insole.

- Patching - all kind of patching/ gluing jobs.

- Insoles - replacing damaged insoles.

- Glissoirs - replacing the leather piece inside a shoe at the heel level.

- Steel tips - fixing steel pieces at the top of the shoe to prevent damage to the soles.      

- Suede and nubuck cleaning and dying - giving a second life to these fragile leathers.

- Prestige shoe shine - giving the best shine to the shoes

- Mirror shine - patent-like shine

- Patina - dying shoes to the colour of your choice

- Extra hole - for belts

We also work for customers worldwide. Contact us by email or phone for quotes.

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Shoe Repair