Being leather experts, it was only natural to extend our range of services to bags.

Restoring the colour and overall appearance of a bag requires passion, attention to detail and patience. But above all, it requires to understand and respect the nature of each bag, in order to restore it without altering its essence.  

Our technicians carefully assess every bag, aiming to keep its original look & feel and leather grain while revamping its overall appearance. 

From Exclusive Cleaning to Full Restoration, our Experts will guide you to the right service given the state of your bag. Just check the CONTACT US page to see the list of our stores.

Balenciaga Paprika - Stain removal and full colour restoration


Dior - Full colour restoration


Fendi - New trim


Gucci - Stain removal and suede refresh


Chloe - Piping reconstruction

Louis Vuitton - New trim and exclusive cleaning


YSL - Colour changing

Dior - Stain removal and colour restoration

Prada - Full colour restoration


Balenciaga - Deep cleaning and full colour restoration


Fendi - Full colour restoration

Balenciaga - Colour changing