Part 3 of our piece on Abdulla Al Kaabi:
(TC) Which type of shoes do you think every man should own at least one pair of?

(AAK) I personally enjoy wearing Nike sneakers – they are the most comfortable shoe ever made and go with everything, while adding a unique blend to my overall outfit.

When I attend red carpet events, I have to wear classic shoes. I usually go for oxfords or derbies. No matter what style, great shoes are all about great materials. Quality leather is essential, and you can recognise it by looking at it, smelling it and then taking great care of it. Quality comes first. I never ever compromise on leather quality. In the same way that shoemaking is a craft that is still 100% made by hand, with great shoes come great responsibility. They need to be looked after, nourished, polished. You can’t just throw them in a closet and forget about them in my opinion. (Part 3/5)

In My Shoes: An influencer's column by The Cobbler